Puzzle Pieces Falling



two dads tell their adopted son that he is adopted

he looks at them and bursts into tears

"i thought you were my fathers … but you were just faux pas"

i am happy this post is getting notes because we need more queer representation in awful jokes

fight for social justice today; add lgbtqia people to shitty horrible groan-inducing life-ruining puns



Ninja Pizza Girl is a side-scrolling platformer inspired by Mirror’s Edge and the 16-bit classic Sonic the Hedgehog, with a story based on bullying, emotional resilience, and pizza delivering ninjas!

In Ninja Pizza girl you play as a delivery girl in a cyberpunk dystopia where you have to deliver pizza in the shortest amount of time possible, all the while defending yourself from other evil delivery teens out to bully you.  The idea of the game actually came from real life where a young girl was learning kung fu and delivering pizzas, hence ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’.

The parkour platforming of Ninja Pizza Girl focuses on joy and exhilaration, not a brutal exercise in masochism, making for a game that’s that’s easy to enjoy but tough to master.  We’ll have a stuffed crust with extra parkour, hold the anchovies.

Check out the Kickstarter & Download the Pre-Alpha

Yes, this game is called Ninja Pizza Girl

Even better, this game is made by a family of Game Developers, and deals with how teenagers mock and berate each other, as well as the insecurities of being a teenage girl. Polygon wrote about it.